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I use to hate big oil…that is until I moved to Alberta and realized how many high paying jobs you get out of it. Now I LOVE big oil. I’m an oil hoe.

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Sometimes I want to date because I feel lonely and I want to know what it feels like to be in love with someone and have someone be in love with you.

On the other hand dating terrifies me so I accept the idea of marriage because it’s the easy way out and I won’t take the fall for chosing the wrong  person.

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How To Appear Enthusiastic When You Really Don’t Give a Fuck: A Guide to Life and Retail

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Send Mariya to Study in Istanbul!


Hello everyone! I’ve always dreamed of going to Istanbul, and in 2015 I will finally have the opportunity. I’ve worked hard to get my grades up and save up for my study abroad program, but I haven’t quite reached the mark. I’m hoping some kind strangers will help me in making what will soon to be the most memorable experience in my life and my dream come true.

If you can’t donate, please reblog or share so someone else comes across my request. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read, and a greater thanks to anyone who chooses to donate.

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Q: you're a babe ;)

Aww, shucks :3

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I swear everytime my mom talks to her relatives or friends on the phone she tells them I’m doing business accounting. No mom. No. I’m studying HRM. It’s the major you pressured me into, remember? I freakin’ hate accounting.

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Sometimes I’m okay with the fact I’m going to end up in an arranged marriage because I’ve never liked anyone enough to date and no one’s ever liked me enough to ask.

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New Blog

I started a new blog called Turkophile. I put up posts related to Turkey. Check it out! ^_^


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changing my major to linguistics bc i want to self-identify as a cunning linguist

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